Happy Birthday Fay-Fiona la Blankpapilio ( Aico x Apolena)

ÖJCH, ÖBS, BGH 1-3, FH 1-3, with workingdog-certification and good for premium breed "Fay-Fiona la Blankpapilio" today celebrates her 6th birthday. Fay is a very special dog, like daddy Aico was. She always knows how to do, she is perfect momi and gave me great puppies, out of three big litters. I never say any dog with stronger will to do and mentality, her life was not always funny and she still is there, proud, happy, playful and full of love !!! I love her so much ♥ ! Happy Birthday Wichti !


Yukon wishes her mum all the best - ie a lot of bones and cookies!!!
lots of Love from Barbara, who is very grateful for Fay's lovely daughter

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Elfriede Kainer, Fasangasse 23, 2540 Bad Vöslau Austria

bbs-mali@snowpatrols.at             Tel.: 0043 (0)650 3833203

BBS Wurfplanung 2018

Dolly & Poldi, Dolly ist trächtig !

Odessa & Emilio, geplant für Sommer/Herbst

Termine 2016 / 2017

  • 5./6.5.18:      BGH Cup Bad Vöslau
  • 10.5.2018     SVÖ Mödling, OB Prüfung
  • 13.05.2018:   IHA Wieselburg
  • 26./27.5.18:  BGH Cup Münchendorf
  • 9./10.6.18:    Doppel CACIB Klagenfurt
  • 30.6.2018:    OG Prüfung Bad Vöslau
  • 15.7.2018:   IHA Oberwart
  • 29.7.2018:   WSÖ Alpentrophy / Schörfling
  • 5./6.8.2018:  Max-Krebs Turnier Bad Vöslau
  • 18./19.8.18:  Doppel CACIB Innsbruck
  • 15.-16.9.:     WSÖ Training Fladnitz
  • 29./30.9.18:  BGH Cup Leobersdorf
  • 29./30.9.18:  Doppel CACIB Tulln
  • 6.-7.10.18:   WSÖ Bundesmeisterschaft
  • 13./14.10.18: BGH Cup Wienerwald
  • 24.11.2018:  OG Prüfung Bad Vöslau
  • 8./9.12.18:    Doppel CACIB Wels  

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