Showtime for Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" in Finland

Today Eeva and her Nuka "Snowpatrols Curious Casper" (Pyry x Aragon) where on show in Lahti/Finland. Judge was Antti Nieminen, which judged very strict.  Only 2 males got excellent ! and one of them was Nuka with great result in Open Class: EX, Best Male 2, CQ, Res. CAC.  Congratulations from hole Austrian family, special kiss from momi Pyry to her son Nuka !

Snowpatrols Curious Casper passed Finnisch Character Test !

Wonderfull news from Eeva and her Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" (Pyry x Aragon TBB): "Today Nuka passed Finnish Character test with 157 points and he was safe with gunshots. Average on BBS in Finland is around 120 points". and......

Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" did BH test

Today our BBS offspring out of Pyry x Aragon - called Nuka - did BH Test !  Our Congratulations to Eeva and her  "BH Snowpatrols Curious Casper" !

Snowpatrols Curious Casper ( Pyry x Aragon ) did MH Test

Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" got best young male

Showtime in Helsinki for BBS Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" ( Pyry x Aragon ): Best young mal with EX 1, Best Male 3, SA ( Cercificate quality = Price of Honor ). We are very happy and pleased and send our Congratulations to Eeva and her Nuka  ♥♥♥

Snowpatrols Curious Casper did place 3 on Obedience TOKO

Obedience event in Nukamies tokokokeessa Kouvolassa/ Finland ! Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" ( Pyry x Aragon TBB )did TOKO with ALO 2 141 p =Place 3 of 10 !!!

In this test no one got ALO 1. Congratulations to Finland to Nuka and Eeva - we are very proud !!!

Another great working result of our Snowpatrols BBS offsprings

Great working news came from Finland !  Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" ( Pyry x Aragon TBB) again did Obedience Test TOKO with ALO 1. This time with wonderfull 169 points !

Congratulations to Eeva and Nuka which did great job ***ggg*** . Momi Pyry is sending a huge kiss !


Snowpatrols Curious Casper did ALO 1

Beim heutigen Obedience test in Veikkola / Finland erreichte unser BBS Nachwuchs - Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" ( Pyry x Aragon TBB ) - sein erstes ALO 1 mit 161,5 Punkten. 

Eeva und Nuka´s Fleiss wurden belohnt :-)  Wir freuen uns und gratulieren auf das Allerherzlichste !!!

Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" did ALO 2

Snowpatrols Curious Casper  "Nuka" today took part on a big obedience compatition in Finland in Kotka. In his group where 19 dog, and Eeva and Nuka where really successfully :-)

Result: 6th place, and ALO 2 ( only 3 points more to have ALO1 )

Congratulations to Pyry x Aragon offspring in Finland !

Snowpatrols Curious Casper (Pyry x Aragon) HD-A, ED-0

Official result on x-ray of Nuka is HD-A, ED-0, but there came also a wonderfull inofficial result, made by Talvio who is the specialist of german shepherd back, and he said that Nuka´s back is healthy too !

In Jan.2011 Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" also did his official eyecheck. Result: Free from all inherited eyedisorders, eyes clear by Specialist, Doctor S.Jalomäki.

Our big congratulations to Finland to Eeva and her Nuka for this perfect results !!! We are still happy !!!




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