Showtime for Snowpatrols Gissa ( Pyry x Gringo )

Snowpatrols Gissa ( Pyry x Gringo ) was on dog show in Finland / jugde Nina Janger ! Result: EX, HP "Price of Honor" and BOB PUPPY ***ggg*** !Critics: "5,5months old, angulations and outlines are very pleasant. Bit unaccustomed to handling. Little bit light eyes, otherwise very pleasant expressions. Very good angulations in front, bit too strong in rear. Hiparea could be slightly shorter. Excellent movement from side, bit narrow from behind. Very promising ensemble. Beautiful tail." Congratulations to Eeva and her Gissa :D

Showtime for Snowpatrols Fenna-Fiona ( Fay x Abraxas)

Mit 11 1/2 Monaten wurde  Snowpatrols Fenna-Fiona heute zum zweiten Mal ausgestellt und zwar bei der National Show für die FCI Gruppen 1, 5 and 6 in Rautalamp/Finnland. In einer, mit 8 Hündinnen, stark besetzten Jugendklasse, erreichte Fenna ein VG 2 und wurde 2.

Snowpatrols Fenna-Fiona on match show in Finland

Show information came from Jenny which took part with her not 6 month old BBS girli "Snowpatrols Fenna-Fiona" on match-show in Tuusula / Finland:

Int. Show in Pori / Finland - EX 4 for Nuka

Congratulations to Snowpatrols Curious Casper "Nuka" ( Pyry x Aragon TBB ):

Junior Class: EX 4

Snowtime in Finspang / Sweden for Snowpatrols Dacca

Another Place 1 with HP and BOB- puppy for our pretty girl in Sweden - 

Tolle Ausstellungserfolge von Dacca, Nuka und Esso

Showtime in Finland and Sweden:

  • Sweden

Snowpatrols Dacca by Gringo ( Fay x Gringo ):                                                               HP (Price of Honor), BOB-puppy,  BIS 3 

  • Hyvinkää/Finlan 9.7.2011, Judge : Leni Finne  

Snowpatrols Curous Casper "Nuka" ( Pyry x Aragon ) JUK1 EX 1

First show for Snowpatrols Dacca by Gringo in Sweden

Dacca ( Fay x Gringo ) has been to her first dog-show ! And she did very well in puppyclass for bitches 4 to 9 month:

1st place (of three) with HP (price of honor) and she became BOS puppy.

Critics: Wellshaped head with good harmony, good colour and shape of eyes, wellcarried ears, good body, well developed front, good cross, structure of bone, angulations and movements. correct colour !

Our Congratulations to our friends Camilla and Andreas and a big huge to Dacca :-))

Nuka on his first show in Helsinki Faircentre / Finland

Nukas first show

Snowpatrol´s Curious Casper "Nuka" ( Pyry x Aragon TBB ) got 3rd place of 5 in youngest class Critics:

"very good type of male puppy, age 6,5 month old. Head has good proportions and expressions. Needs a bit more male-features. Neck ok, good bonestructure, good bodyassets. When wants to, moves in good long pace. Front still bit loose, Very happy and brist character "

We are very proud of Nuka and send your congratulations to Finland to Eeva.

IHA Wieselburg: Pyry erfüllt die Voraussetzungen für den ÖCH

Princess Pyry AKBO Parchovany - Gebrauchshunde Klasse: V 1, CACA
Somit hat Pyry die Voraussetzungen für den Österreichischen Show-Champion "ÖCH" erfüllt.  


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